Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Value-for-money - Team Powers Cup Racer brushed motor

We are cheap. And therefore we like stuff that delivers a lot of value for little money. One of those items is the Team Powers Cup Racer TP-540B-94F "black can" motor.

It is a standard 540 size brushed motor that can be bought for less than USD 8 from RCMart or Stellamodels. So it is very cheap, but it is also very fast. It is certainly faster and stronger than the Tamiya Sports Tuned motor.

There is little data about this motor. Apparently it does 24000 rpm @ 7.2V. In comparison: a silver can is rated 15080 rpm @ 7.2V, a Sport Tuned motor 18300 rpm @ 7.2V. Not only does it rev harder than the Sports Tuned, but it also seems to have more torque. And the Team Powers motor has a built-in fan that keeps temperature at reasonable levels. It does not have the feel of instant, endless torque that brushless motors give, but it is certainly the fastest and most powerful brushed motor we have driven to date.

We are running this motor in a TT01 with the high-speed gear set and an old Futaba MCR230 ESC. We also have it in our M03 with the 18T pinion (same as recommended for the Sports Tuned). The motor also works well with the Tamiya TEU-104BK and TEU-105BK ESC.

So next time you are looking for more speed than what comes in the low-end kits, consider this gem of a motor. For USD 8 it can't do much wrong.

have fun with RC!


  1. I have 2 of them.
    1 in my mk1 hotshot and 1 in my original frog.
    I can vouch they are s strong motor and less than half the price of the sports tuned.
    If it can get all 4 tyres spinning on tarmac off the mark on my hotshot then its good enough for anything

  2. A brushless motor costs just a bit higher though.

    1. Maybe, but you have the added expense of a new esc as well, then batteries for better performance and a lipo charger.