Friday, 14 August 2015

Eye decals for RC scale figures

A few weeks back we were discussing with fellow RC enthusiasts how difficult it is to paint the eyes on the plastic driver figures, like the Wild Willy or the Rally Cockpit. Turns out help is at hand:


A company named Archer Transfers ( makes water-slide decals for scale figures. The sheet comes with eyes in a variety of colors, for different scales. The third smallest eye works well for the 1:10 scale Rally cockpit; the larger ones would sure fit the Mr. Willy.


If you never did any scale modeling -- like me -- then applying the eyes is not an easy task. The decals are tiny; after cutting them out you are left with a 1 x 2.5 mm ultra-thin decal. You will also need some decal setting solution (Micro Set, Tamiya Mark Fit ...) as otherwise the decal will not stick down. Even though the decal application is as difficult as painting, the result is much better than what I could paint by hand:



I managed to damage 3 decals while making those four heads, but I've never done any water-slide decals before. An experienced scale modeler will certainly do better.

enjoy painting figures for RC cars!

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