Saturday, 13 April 2013

Tamiya Hummer restoration Part 2 - Body work

With all parts stripped and cleaned, it is now time to build the vehicle up again. First we were dealing with the body.

Tamiya Hummer P1270402

Our Hummer body was in a good condition given its use and age, but on the front there was the tow plate missing.

To create a replacement we extracted the front view of the vehicle from the user manual and scaled it to exact size of the body on the computer before printing. I then cut it out from paper and glued it on a piece of styrene as cutting reference.

Tamiya Hummer P1270426

A support plate was cut from 1mm styrene that holds the tow plate to the body. Since this piece will not be seen it was cut rather quick and dirty.

The shackle mounts are from a scrap piece of plastic that had holes already drilled into it. The shackles are 3 mm D-shackles from a local hardware store.

Tamiya Hummer P1270433

The finished tow plate mounted onto the body. Looks close to original.

Tamiya Hummer P1270436

The back of the car had three holes that needed filling. It was quite tricky to do to get a decent finish.

Tamiya Hummer P1270444

We managed to obtain a new sprue of body parts on eBay which included all front lights, the top hatch as well as the air intake. We only used the front lights which were quite damaged on our body.

Tamiya Hummer P1270475

Ready to paint. With all accessories in place the first job was to spray the inside with flat black.

Tamiya Hummer P1270493

The body has been primed and painted with Tamiya Matt White TS-27.

Tamiya Hummer P1270576

The paint turned out ok but far from perfect as I rushed too much. Now it is a matter of highlighting all those awesome body details.

Tamiya Hummer P1270577

Despite spending a large amount of time to close three holes on the back of the body, they are still visible.

I think that the Tamiya Basic Putty that I used is just not the right thing for the job as it affects the styrene. Or more likely: I am just doing it wrong.

Tamiya Hummer P1270578

The rims were brand new and turned out flawlessly.

Tamiya Hummer P1270583

Up next: rebuilding the chassis!

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