Saturday, 15 June 2013

Tamiya Hummer restoration Part 4 - Detailing

It took a while as other projects were interrupting, but now our Tamiya M1025 Hummer is finished and ready for the trail.

Tamiya Hummer P1280135

We found the original decal sheet on eBay for a low price, so we put on the original stickers. There are not many of them anyway.

Tamiya Hummer P1280096

The headlamps, tail lights, indicators and UN signs were made by a kind member of the SG Crawlers. We made the lamps based on reference photos found on the Internet.

Tamiya Hummer P1280103

Small details like the reflectors as well as the engine cover retainers were painted with a brush. Working on those fiddly details is very relaxing and ideal for those rainy evenings.

Tamiya Hummer P1280090

One of the biggest concerns was to show off the details on this nice Tamiya hard-plastic shell. The solution was simple: We traced all recesses gently with a sharp pencil and then sealed the body with flat clear spray paint. It makes all the small rivets, recesses and panel lines stick out nicely without drawing attention to it.

Tamiya Hummer P1280117

When putting the body on the chassis we realized that there was simply not enough space for the D-shackle mount we had built. So sadly we removed them.

Tamiya Hummer P1280131

The mud flaps came from a damaged toy digger. There is one detail still missing: windscreen wipers!

Tamiya Hummer P1280121

We are chuffed to have this marvel of RC car running again. The UN Peace Mission Hummer will be riding the trails of Singapore once more.

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